Leadership Farm Camps

Leadership Farm 2017 was held from 23rd July - 29th July, 2017

We Look forward to engaging with your wards once again at our next Leadership Farm Summer Camp.


More information will be made known to parents when the next long vacation is approaching.


Our Focus During Leadership Farm Summer Camp 2017

By the end of this 6 and half days camp, participants will project increased confidence, enhanced self-esteem, be self-assured and assertive.

Leadership Farm is a self-discovery summer camp for upper primary, junior high, senior high, and university-bound young people between ages 8-20. This years Camp will be our 3rd and to date have inspired over 500 young people directly. Participants have so far gained invaluable skills in the area of self-awareness, personal growth, confidence, and self-esteem in an environment that fosters learning and success.

Leadership Farm offers strategies for achieving success that last a lifetime. The theme for 2017 is ‘Self Confidence’. Where we enlighten, encourage and empower the young ones to dare to succeed.

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Date: 23rd July - 29th July, 2017

Venue: Ghana Christian International High School, Dodowa - Accra.