Policy Exposure Programme for Young Politicians (PEPYP)



What Africa needs to consolidate its recent gains is to improve the leadership performance on the continent. We urgently need an African Leadership Marshall Plan.

There have been many scattered initiatives and programmes on leadership on the continent in an attempt to solve this canker. What has been lacking is a strategic, focused and unified approach to resolving the continent’s leadership challenges, starting from the youth, who form the leadership pipeline.

Enter PEPYP. This residential programme seeks to coordinate all leadership programmes that will tactically cultivate the next generation of the Ghana’s leaders – in business, governance, public service, academia, religious organisations, uniformed services and chieftaincy. Using the patient and methodical process of farming, PYPEP will carefully spot, select, train, and cultivate the next generation of Ghana’s leaders.
Through PEPYP, we will cultivate a cadre of leaders for Ghana who will be disciplined, orderly and respond to the needs of the people. The project intends to produce value-based leaders who are confident and can face up to anyone anywhere in the world and will leave no stone unturned in developing their communities and country.

Evidence shows that student leaders and leaders of youth groups in the universities, polytechnics, other tertiary and second cycle institutions go on to become national leaders.
Student leaders progress to become national leaders, but without a careful and deliberate attempt to train, groom and mentor them. Replicating bad policies and politics of insults, acrimony and division.

PEPYP aims to cultivate these emerging leaders to curb this trend.