Work Ready

What is Work Ready?

This is a catalytic initiative to bring NGOs passionate about skills development, private sector, professional and occupational bodies, schools and parents together into a “Coalition of the willing” to upskill Ghanaian students. It is an alliance to equip students with the needed corporate skills. Observers generally agree that the quality of graduates coming out of Ghana’s educational institutions is below par. Most do not know anything apart from their academic disciplines. Majority requires years of patient tuition and orientation to bring them up to corporate world speed.



 Our Core Objectives

  1. To equip students with the needed corporate world skills, values, competencies and knowledge of the 21st century skills.
  2. To practicalise teaching by exposing faculty to current corporate world practices.
  3. To provide an avenue for industry to make practical input into teaching and training by serving on Academic and Curriculum Committees in the schools, and as guest lecturers, coaches, mentors etc.

 The output of Work Ready

The output of Work Ready is to produce the types, mixes, and qualities of skilled human resources to meet current demands of the Ghanaian labour market. The output of various tertiary institutions will be compared with the demands of the economy, measured in terms of the characteristic requirements of advertised jobs, to ascertain the nature and extent of the “mismatch” or gaps between educational supply and market demand.

 Impact and Outcome expected

The impact of the programme is increased productivity from new graduates, thereby contributing effectively to participating companies’ business operations.
The outcome of this intervention is well-equipped, smart-thinking, internationally-exposed, value-adding fresh graduates.

Knowledge of  21st century skills

The issue of relevance (in terms of quality) of education is not new or unique to Ghana. In 1996, John Abbott wrote, concerning American college education, “We continue to get graduates who think narrowly, are teacher-dependent, and who have too little ability to tackle challenges or embrace change”. In the economic context, relevance is an issue where educational institutions and their products are affected by the “diploma disease” and are concerned with “certification” and “credentialism” than with conveying employable knowledge and real skills, and where products cannot find occupations for which they are supposedly trained to engage in”.

Research has shown that “in many parts of the world, an enormous gap prevails between the numbers graduating from schools and those among them who can master a minimum set of cognitive skills”. These lists are particularly useful when comparing the disciplinary focus of the training courses on offer in Ghana with the skill needs of the local labour market as articulated by employers.



A programme of this nature requires patience to produce results. Below are the different roles of Alliance members.

  • Corporate Ghana – 5-year funding commitment into a pooled fund, make input into curriculum development, create corporate space for students and lecturers, staff serve as guest lecturers, coaches, mentors, work with lecturers on case studies.
  • Non-state actors – implementers of various components, provide linkages, serve as motivators to students.
  • Schools – conduct case studies, lecturers volunteer for corporate assignments, work with corporate sector on research, and create space for corporate sector input into curriculum development.
  • Students – serve as volunteers, internships, job shadows.

How to Register

To register for WorkReady, Students, Schools, and corporate bodies who desired to be part of this novel idea are to follow the sign-up link on the WorkReady page and fill in the online application form.

Registered Interns

Upon successful registration on WorkReady Platform, applicants would be vetted and assigned to companies based on information gathered in their online application form.

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Registered Organizations

Once an organization registers with WorkReady, it automatically becomes a partner organization to WorkReady.



Work Ready