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This initiative was birthed out of the need to enhance the overall learning capabilities amongst young people in socio-economically deprived communities across Ghana.

There is a huge margin of young individuals in deprived urban or rural communities who never realize their full potential to achieve success academically, socially and professionally. This is due to they being unaware of their innate capabilities to be great and their ignorance about the uniqueness of their person. 

For a long period of time, there has been this assertion that we are all the same, ought to behave the same, think the same, and act the same. Albert Einstein said, “everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by the ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that is stupid”.

We strongly believe that this world is a big puzzle, and every individual possesses the uniqueness to be a part of that puzzle to make the world whole. This is why we have different intelligence types, different learning types, different interests and different paths to achieving same greatness.

The sad bit of this fact is that, young children mostly in deprived communities are not privy to this realization. This tends to affect their approach to academics, career and life choices in general.

This is why LeadAfrique International has come up with a carefully designed programme dubbed “Learning2learn”. This programme has specific modules that assists young individuals to become aware of their self, better organize their daily activities with clearly defined priorities, portray a better persona to their network of people, voluntarily lead discussions and projects in school and their communities and make well informed career choices that reflects their identity and purpose on earth.


This task to inspire young individuals is daunting but possible, it is with our collective efforts and resources that this change we seek will bear fruit. This is why we beseech you to give out any amount or resource in realizing this dream. We believe the world will become a better place if we all do our bits to realize this common goal. 


We were surprised to see some of our students who were not that outspoken take the microphone to express their views. It was so amazing.
Estela Eshen
English Teacher, Afram Plains
Most of the students did not know how to learn, they have no confidence and they are filled with anxiety. I thank LeadAfrique for the intervention and I am happy our students are ready for the BECE examination.
Rev. Fr Stephen Kofi Sakpaku
Catholic priest Maame Krobo (Kwahu Afram South District)
I have learnt how to plan and how to achieve my goals.
This program has helped me to chose the right career path.
I am very happy. Thank you LeadAfrique
Jessica Otoo
Student, Kwabenya
Any time I take my book to learn, I always feel to sleep. But after this intervention I leant new strategies to help me learn effectively in school and at home. Thank you LeadAfrique.
Kansinua joseph
Student, Afram Plains

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