You can move from ordinary to extraordinary – Mrs. Letitia Ohene-Effah

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You can move from ordinary to extraordinary – Mrs. Letitia Ohene-Effah

Mrs. Letitia Ohene-Effah of LeadAfrique International has urged every one to believe that it is possible to move from ordinary to extraordinary. Speaking on Citi FM’s Effective Life Series earlier this year, she enumerated three steps to support people move from ordinary to extraordinary;

  1. Be deliberate with your choices; make a decision every morning to step up your game. “The fast-changing pace of Technology, Information and Jobs should cause us to be more self-aware and deliberately work on moving from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Research shows that in 10 years most of the jobs that we know today will be instinct”. Do what you can do within your powers and ability. You can’t afford to be ordinary, information and technology are changing rapidly, our jobs keep dwindling, if you won’t care to be extraordinary, these life changes should push you to take an action. “What extra vibe do you have that will make you at least stand out or be the standard,” she asked.
  2. You should overcome your fears and pay the price of convenience so you can hold on to your conviction and easily action them for an effective and an extraordinary life. She encouraged her listeners to allow their “why” to be bigger than their fears so it transcends time and allow their dreams to be bigger and scare them in a positive way.
  3. Stay focus on your agenda. Tony Robbins says, “where focus is, energy goes”.

Letitia Ohene-Effah concluded that we should take the decision to control our own lives and master our emotions to stay on our agenda. “There is the desire in us to grow and be better, to move from the ordinary scope of life to an extraordinary one but many of us do not or we refuse to decide intentionally to make that choice that moves us to be extra-ordinaire in our endeavors. Let us learn how to celebrate our little successes so it steers us on to be better, effective and extraordinary.”
In addition to being the Co- Founder, Letitia Ohene-Effah also hosts Citi 97.3 FM’s family programme, FamLife every Saturday morning.