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August 16, 2022 - August 20, 2022
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“Leadership is cause. Everything else is effect.”
Africa has consistently lagged behind on almost all development indices in spite of its vast and rich
natural resources. Many studies and anecdotal evidence show that poor and unresponsive leadership
is the cause of this state of affairs. Many programmes on leadership have been initiated on the
continent in an attempt to solve this canker. Nevertheless, transformation is yet to be realized in a
holistic manner.
Enter LeadAfrique International. We purpose to bring a strategic, focused and unified approach to
resolving the continent's leadership challenges. We aim to cultivate the next generation of the
continent's leaders – in business, governance, public service, academia, religious organisations,
uniformed services and chieftaincy in a holistic way. Using the patient and methodical process of
farming, LeadAfrique carefully identifies, trains, and cultivates the next generation of Africa's leaders.
LeadAfrique will cultivate a cadre of leaders for Africa who will be disciplined, orderly and respond to
the needs of the people. LeadAfrique aims to produce value-based leaders who are confident and can
face up to anyone anywhere in the world and will leave no stone unturned in developing their
communities, business organisations and nations.
Several studies – empirical and anecdotal – show that getting leadership right can spur development
and cause a cataclysmic effect that can change a people's fortunes.
As such LeadAfrique International uses multiple touchpoints to cultivate self-leadership in especially
young people.
One of the multiple touch points employed is our annual Leadership Farm Summer Camps.
Leadership Farm Summer Camp is a 1-week residential program that seeks to groom and cultivate
children in the art of leadership. They are taken through every facet of self mastery and development.
The theme for each year is determined based on observation and engagement with children over the
This year the THEME for the camp is MONEY: how to make, invest, save and spend money.
The age group for the camp ranges between 5 and 20 years of age. There are 4 concurrent camps for
ages 5-7, 8-11, 12-14 and 15-20 years.

Enlighten. Encourage. Empower
 Imbibe in children the spirit of generational thinking, connected-thinking , personal
effectiveness and order.
 Produce more inspired, motivated and aware young leaders who will be confident to pursue
their personal and community service goals


 The future begins today. If young people are the future of tomorrow, we need to deliberately
cultivate the competencies they need to lead.
 Young people have been at the core of every social movement in history and through
Leadership Farm we aspire to identify and groom the next generation of social change leaders.
 Young people have the capacity to become leaders in their chosen field of endeavour if given
the exposure to concepts of leadership and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through
positive social action.
 There are few initiatives to carefully groom and cultivate 21st century leadership skills in our
young people, making them lack self- belief and direction.
 Break the cycle of rote learning to replace with active learning and complex solutions mindset

Money plays a multiplicity of roles in our lives that requires attention. The money myths instilled in
young people from birth affects decision making in many aspects of their life’s. some of the harmless
statements we make such as WE DON’T HAVE MONEY; WE CANNOT AFFORD IT shapes the
children’s mindset about money. Our collective future depends on these young people operating with
empowering money beliefs.


Start: August 16, 2022
End: August 20, 2022
Cost: Cedis2,450
Venue Name: Ensign Global College – Akosombo Road, Kpong
Address: Accra, Accra Ghana
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Phone: +233 24 423 5549
Organizer Name: LeadAfrique International
Phone: +233 24 423 5549