LeadAfrique International Celebrates 5 Years Of Inspiring Greatness In Young People, Their Teachers And Their Parents

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LeadAfrique International Celebrates 5 Years Of Inspiring Greatness In Young People, Their Teachers And Their Parents

LeadAfrique International, a social enterprise passionately dedicated to inspiring people to achieve their dreams and be all God created them to be has just celebrated its 5th anniversary in Accra with a call on government, religious organisations, educational organisations, civil society, parents and other stakeholders to take a second look at how Ghana is developing its young people.

Established five years ago, LeadAfrique International, envisions an Africa where people take personal responsibility and accountability for their actions and inactions; an Africa where young people provide solutions to the challenges facing them; an Africa that is churning out the next generation of global change leaders.

In a short remark to mark the day, Michael Ohene-Effah, the Co-Founder of LeadAfrique International, said “though the initial dream of patiently and methodically cultivating leadership and global skills in young people seemed ‘crazy’, we are very satisfied with the strides that we’ve made in five years”. “It is this crazy dream that encourages us to cut through the clutter to get through young people and their eco-system, be they-parents, teachers or caregivers”. Our journey has been enriching for us and the people we have been opportuned to serve. To date, LeadAfrique International has experienced over:

  • 352,000 hugs and high fives exchanged between our facilitators and students.
  • 1,000,000 smiles exchanged between our facilitators, students and teachers every week.
  • 3,900 teachers’ hearts transformed and minds renewed
  • 72,800 kilometers of road covered annually in our effort to inspire greatness
  • 380 dispensers of water consumed by staff annually in the discharge of their duties
  • 205 parent teachers’ associations addressed
  • 5,000 heartfelt testimonials and feedback received from participants and their parents
  • 20,000 young people impacted through our various leadership and soft skills programmes
  • 60 schools impacted in various ways
  • 340 certified school facilitators trained to unearth greatness in themselves and the people we serve
  • 2 African programmes running currently
  • 4 regions of Ghana… and expanding
  • Countless relationship seminars, workshops and speeches given

A parent curious about the transformation in her child that had benefitted from one of the school leadership programmes, invited the team to have a conversation. She realized she had labelled and judged her child wrongly. After listening keenly and asking a multiplicity of questions, her parting words were “you guys are healing families.”
Her words resonate with most people who experience LeadAfrique International. This and many more testimonials encourage and empower the organisation to wake up at dawn to travel the roads of Ghana to inspire peope – young and old – to achieve their greatness through leadership, education and youth empowerment programmes.
As it celebrates 5 years of dedicated commitment to raising creative and responsive leaders for Africa, it is convinced now more than ever that it must continue to pursue excellence, loyalty and professionalism in its endeavours. With grave development indicators being continously put out for Africa, it is imperative that we consolidate our resources to pursue a better Africa agenda. An Africa where our young people participate in leading the home, classrooms, churches, platforms.
An Africa where one can leave their door unlocked and be rest assured that not a soul will tamper with its materials and an Africa where we are in awaresness of our challenges and brave to seek solutions. An Africa where poverty of mind, spirit, soul and body have been reduced to the bearest minimum.
LeadAfrique International is a unique leadership development organisation that has developed a curriculum to cultivate leadership and global competencies in young people. It runs parenting development workshops for parents and teacher transformation programmes for teachers. It hosts the annual leadership and soft skills development long vacation camp for young people dubbed Leadership Farm Summer Camp.
Look out for our activity line up for the year on our website and social media handles and join the crusade to #riseandinsistchallenge for a better Ghana and a better Africa agenda.








For enquiries contact;
Naomi Selorm Adeho
Lead Coordinator
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