Cracking The Marriage Code – (What they don’t tell you before marriage)

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Cracking The Marriage Code – (What they don’t tell you before marriage)

This year’s pre-valentine event dubbed “Keeping Love Alive” was the maiden edition of Citi FM’s valentine event, which gave couples the opportunity to rekindle their love. The event that took place last Saturday 11th February, at the Kempinski Gold Coast hotel was led by the hosts of Famlife programme, Mrs. Letitia Ohene-Effah, Elder Amos Kevin-Annan, Mr. Michael Mensah and Dr. Emmanuel Hopeson.

Topics such as ‘recapturing romance’, ‘ten things that will keep your marriage tank full’, ‘cracking the marriage code – what they don’t tell you before marriage’ and ‘combating marriage meltdown’ were treated to help couples strengthen and enjoy their marriage as well as finding helpful tips that would keep their marriages lively. Letitia Ohene-Effah who is the Co-Founder of LeadAfrique International and the host of Famlife, Citi FM’s family oriented program, which is aired every Saturday morning between 7am to 9am, spoke on the topic “Cracking The Marriage Code”. She discussed five marriage codes that must be cracked to help marriages to flourish and these are:


There is a price to be paid for a good marriage. She likened it to the various degrees we obtain as a result of schooling. Couples must make an intentional commitment to make the union work. Once the decision is made, steps must be taken to marry individual vision and purpose in every sense of the way to make it possible. Communicate and connect at an emotional level. In today’s society with the many responsibilities faced by individuals, seeing through these merged visions can be daunting, yet the price must be paid for happiness to prevail.


There is a clear order of submission and when understood and adhered, mutual submission will be easier. She used biblical text to illustrate this point. She quoted first from 1 Corinthians 11:3 which says that “the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God” and Ephesians 5:21 “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Mutual submission to a higher power brings harmony to a union.


Thoughts become things. Therefore one must be careful not to impinge negative judgment on a spouse or it shall become that which the initiator detests. Paying attention to your thoughts enables us to reframe our judgment calls to affirm and not condemn the other person.


It takes two. And as one finger points to the other, the rest points to the accuser. She provided simple tips such as breathing, employing the delete button and counting from ten backwards to achieve a state of calmness and to forgive. Prepaying forgiveness ensures that you are not bruised to begin with.


All that glitters is not gold. Certainly not all rumors have an element of truth. She encouraged couples to engage in difficult conversations so there is little suspicion if any. Discuss your feelings, fears and anxieties and understand your partner before making meaning into every situation.

There is power in agreement for couples. She concluded by emphasizing that for a fruitful marriage, couples must submit to a higher power. For Christians, the Holy Spirit is our helper. She led the couples to recommit and reconnect. She encouraged couples to pray together and affirm one another no matter how painful the circumstances and always work from the premise that the other half is doing the best they can.