Ten Financial Mistakes To Avoid During Marriage

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Ten Financial Mistakes To Avoid During Marriage

Marriage is the said to be one of the greatest joy that can be felt by man where you have a constant life partner, teammate and best friend to share the good bad and ugly with. But it also has it undeniable occurrences even in the loveliest marriages. Though some obstacles in marriage are out of control there are many others which are absolutely avoidable if you know how to spot them. This is where the experts come in with their experience and resourced tools to teach and guide couple on the necessary steps to take or avoid during marriage especially in their walk together as one flesh. The second edition of Citi FM’s “KEEP LOVE ALIVE” which took place on the 10th February 2018 at the splash Holiday Inn Hotel was the best event in the first quarter of the year to lay bare factual thoughts to help shape many marriages.

The resourced person to speak on the dicey topic on finances was the well-versed Transformational Coach, Co-Founder and Host of Citi FM’s FAMlife program, Mrs. Letitia Ohene-Effah took time to deliberate on the main topic “Ten Financial Mistakes to Avoid during Marriage” to soothe their minds for the flow of knowledge and help them to reflect deeper to seek to avoid the mistakes to enable them reshape their marriages for the better.
Due to the belief of fear system, individuals have allowed into their domain and have caused a shaking in the very foundation of the marriage since day one. She mentioned, couples need to do away with such belief of fear system which has accumulated from childhood experiences up to now. These belief systems tend to cripple the very sense of love, trust, communication, commitment and trust in our marriages. She however stated that when these thoughts are reframed, it helps shape us to make some level of commitment towards our breakthroughs and essentially help to follow keenly the paths to avoid on the route to financial freedom in Marriage.

Mrs. Letitia Ohene-Effah highlighted the first five flags to avoid which includes; Silence, Ignorance, Unplanned Expenditure, Individualization vs. Coupling and Secrets. She advised couples that it is very advisable for them to be more open and communicate on money matters to eachother.They should promptly avoid ignorance and rather foster to have shared meaning around money. For couples to create and commit to a budget faithfully they need to come out clean and clear to one another on every debt, bad attitude towards money, secrete building and assets. She highlighted on the point that a good marriage with a strong financial pillar is one that focuses on Coupling rather than Individualization
She graciously continued with the other five read flags to avoid. First is the Exclusion of children, Debt, Surprises, Peer pressure and Competition. On these five, she elaborated on them saying children from their formative stages should not be exempted on the principles of money and staying financially stable, this will help in the long run to shape their belief system from a limiting fearful one to a bold and assertive one. A four letter word like “DEBT” can be the very tool that breaks the centre of any marriage n matter how strong or lovely it is. She advised couple to account and note down debts which needs to be cleared every month doing it together with the other partner, never excluding the other.
Mrs. Ohene-Effah asked the rhetoric question, “Are you ruled by convictions or convenience”. She concluded with the note that your convenience will make you spend just to please or push your status to the level you are not there yet financially just for societal applause while conviction will surely lead you into avoiding financial mistakes and seek to be financially sound and stable, building strong financially pillars with your spouse.