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Teachers are one of the greatest influencers of young people, as they look up to them for acceptance, hope and validation. Teacher Transformation Programme seeks to equip teachers to enable them fulfill their original and true role in the life of students – light a fire and see to the full realization of the greatness of each young person. Our programmes span personal, professional development and financial development of the teacher to become a highly effective individual hence better teacher.

How they will benefit:

  • They will undertake a series of self-discovery exercises
  • Strategies to get young people to listen
  • They are exposed to personal management tips and skills
  • They go through a series of team building exercises
  • Understanding dynamics of the classroom
  • Effective classroom management
  • Personal and emotional mastery
  • Financial education
  • Retirement planning

Glorious Retirement

The time value of retirement begins before we begin working yet oftentimes relegated to the background in hope of time extending itself to meet our innermost needs. This Initiative will equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to secure a better future after retirement.

This will improve their living standards and guarantee income security in their old age. It will also reduce anxiety, self-exclusion, dependency, and other hardships associated with unplanned retirement.

The process involves skills audit, re-tooling, up skilling, planning and development of blueprints to achievement in addition to entrepreneurial skills where necessary.