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Africa has consistently lagged behind on almost all development indices in spite of its vast and rich natural resources. Many studies and anecdotal evidence show that poor and unresponsive leadership is the cause of this spate of affairs. There have been many scattered initiatives and programmes on leadership on the continent in an attempt to solve this canker. What has been lacking is a strategic, focused and unified approach to resolving the continent’s leadership challenges. At LeadAfrique International, we aim to coordinate all leadership programmes that will tactically cultivate the next generation of the continent’s leaders – in business, governance, public service, academia, religious organisations, uniformed services and chieftaincy. Using the patient and methodical process of farming, LeadAfrique will carefully spot, select, train, and cultivate the next generation of Africa’s leaders.

Our Educational Programs

Work Ready

This is a catalytic initiative to bring NGOs passionate about skills development, private sector, professional and occupational bodies, schools and parents together into a “Coalition of the Willing” to upskill Ghanaian students. It is an alliance to equip tertiary graduates with the needed corporate skills. Observers generally agree that the quality of graduates coming out of Ghana’s educational institutions is below par. Most do not know anything apart from their academic disciplines. Majority requires years of patient tuition and orientation to bring them up to corporate world speed.

Leadership Farm Summer Camp

Leadership Farm seeks to unearth leadership potentials and greatness in the Ghanaian children. It is a carefully designed programme to spot, select, train, and cultivate the next generation of leaders in every sector of the economy. Therefore at the end of every academic year, 100 emerging student leaders (from secondary to tertiary) from across the country will be camped at a “Leadership Farm” to be groomed and cultivated in the art of leadership and statesmanship. This will be a one week residential camp and will take these merging leaders through every facet of leadership development.

Leadership Farm

Leadership Farm is our in-school leadership cultivation programme. Using the Africa Leadership Toolkit, this programme offers a systematic and structured process for grooming and cultivating young people to propel Africa’s growth for the next century, training these leaders to be responsive to the needs of their people. We work with schools to incorporate the programme as a core part of the curriculum. Leadership Farm equips students with the self-confidence and skills they need to excel in the 21st century global economy.

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What Our Clients Say

I used to be timid and very introverted because i never felt I was good enough. during leadership farm session i learnt about myself, who i am and my self identity. Since then, i began to really appreciate the fact that i am special and unique and i fe4el very good about my self


“My friends call me dumb, some said I have a mental problem, initially, I kind of agreed with them. But leadership Farm has helped me identify how unique I am. I have identified my learning style and I am a very happy person now. Thank You”.


Ever since I joined the leadership farm, it has influenced me positively to do things I never imagined I could do. I believe this programme will impact generations. Through the programme I have been able to achieve my goals, impact others positively and control my anger.

S Shield International School, Adenta

Before Leadership Farm I always thought I  was studying for my dad. I used to study one hour everyday for my dad because he always said I should learn for him. After learning about paradigms and principles, the way I see myself and the way I see the world changed. I now learn two hours a day for myself and my future not for my dad.

G Euncharles International School Accra


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