What We Do

Using the patient and methodical process of farming, LeadAfrique empowers, emboldens and inspires people and businesses to live their fullest, highest selves. Drawing from our Africa Leadership Toolkit (ALT), LeadAfrique will cultivate a cadre of leaders for Africa who will be values-oriented, confident, solutions-oriented, disciplined, orderly and respond to the needs of the people, homes, communities, and nations.

Our 6-Step Leadership Framework


Stay informed and conscious of your surroundings.


Structure and arrange tasks for optimal efficiency.


Be fully engaged and focused in the present moment.


Express thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence.


Guide and inspire others towards a common goal.


React and adapt effectively to various situations.

Young People

To gain holistic, behavioral, and emotional mastery, our program takes a structured process for cultivating leadership, self-confidence, self-assurance, discipline, and personal responsibility using our African Leadership Toolkit (ALT); a leadership curriculum that inculcates in young people a spirit of good leadership skills and principles that will guide them throughout their life. Our program meticulously enables students and young people to discover and live their innate potentials for effective leadership within their circle of influence.



Our primary focus hinges on the personal leadership of young people under the age of 20 years, their parents and their teachers. They embrace their innate strengths and capabilities to influence positively in every sphere of life. Exposure to concepts of leadership enables participants to demonstrate their skills through positive social action.


Corporate Executives

LeadAfrique International is the first GrowthWheel certified business advisor in Ghana in September 2020 to empower businesses to achieve their strategic priorities. The rapid growth of micro, small and medium businesses in Ghana has led to a growing demand for business tools that support business advisors in their daily work of helping start-ups and small business owners commercialize their ideas, define their ambitions, stay focused to make decisions and take actions that promote high performance and profits.


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