Leadership Farm is a weekly, meticulous programme that enables a student to discover his or her innate potential for effective leadership within their circle of influence. During the sessions, Participants are guided through critical yet practical fun concepts that will support them to find their essence in life and develop strategies for its achievement. It empowers and enables participants to lead themselves to greatness and adequately prepares them to lead others effectively.

How they will benefit

> Continuous personal development throughout their time with the school

> Some of the> Young people inducted into the Leadership and Good Character Tribe as they achieve set competencies over time ensuring that employers make the tribe their first choice for staff recruitment.

topics includes but not restricted to self-awareness, goal setting, being proactive, lead, voice, presence, collaboration, curiosity, team work, time management among others

> Tracked behaviour change and shifts in the young person

> Expression of critical thinking, effective communication, self-awareness and understanding and planning.

Our track record of success

Leadership Farm has a proud community of schools in Ghana, impacting the lives of about 5000 students every week.
Some of which are:

>ALSYD Academy

>Akosombo International School

>Delhi Public School (DPS)

>Gold Avenue International School

>Corricreche International School

>Flobar International School

>Aves International School

>Tema Parents Association

>Swedru Secondary School

>Queensland International School

>Saps School

>Shield International School

>Solidarity International School

>Springforth International School

>SOS Hermann Gmeiner School

>Dayspring Montessori School

>True Love School

>Harvest Time School

>Victory Presbyterian School

>Penfield School

>St. Martin De Poress School

>Madina Cluster of Schools


Learning-to-learn A flagship program skewed towards academics to draw from students’ innate capabilities to harness their strengths to do exceptionally well in their examinations. We equip them with the skills to study more effectively, and in the process are able to comprehend, recall and defend their opinions where necessary.

How they will benefit

> Learning Style Assessments, processing and personal coaching.

>Intelligent Type Assessments

> Strategies for effective learning

>Strategies for acing examination

Career Guidance and Counselling

Most people spend an average of 88,000 hours in careers that steals their joy. They are a mismatch to their inborn capabilities and not purpose-driven. The objective of the programme to enable young people embrace an infinite possibility of options available to them juxtapose it with the innate strengths and capabilities and design a blueprint to make informed decisions for their future.

How they will benefit

> Gain an understanding of life blocks

>Analyse current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and how to leverage each component for success

>Develop a skills and talents matrix

>Take a personality type assessment

>21st century skills and how to acquire them

>Career Planning and life management skills

Teens Hangout

Many young adults are conflicted in areas of school, friends, parents, dating and sex, addictions and self-worth especially as they transition to boarding schools and receive tertiary education. The decisions they make regarding these areas oftentimes determines the level of success they will each attain in life and when. With this in mind, this programme provides young people with the tools to answer some of life’s most challenging questions as they prepare for the next stage of their lives.

How they will benefit

> Gain an understanding of life blocks

>Who can you consider a friend and how to develop friendships

>How to understand and work with parents effectively

>How to manage dating and sex

>What is an addiction, how to I identify it, how do I manage it

>Developing the power within – self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem self-confidence

>>Developing the power within – self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem self-confidence


LearningFarm Summercamp is a 1-week self and purpose discovery summer camp for upper primary, junior high, senior high, and university-bound young people between ages 6 -20. At the end of every academic year, hundreds of emerging student leaders from across the country are camped to be groomed in the art of leadership and statesmanship. By participating in the camp, students gain skills in self-awareness, personal growth, confidence, and self-esteem in an environment that fosters learning character traits that will propel them into their sometimes-uncertain yet prosperous future.

How they will benefit

> Becomes an effective life-long learner who is able to network, collaborate, think critically, take initiative, be more proactive

>Enhances curiosity and dynamism in the learner

> Collaborates with others easily


X p l o re LeadAfrique has so far planned and executed 1-week camps and a regional tour for over 300 young people during the long vacation and proposes to bring its expertise to the schools via exchange programs in other countries and cultural diversity learning across Ghana and other countries. We have both local and international tours, camps, expeditions and school exchange programs that prepare our young ones to be global citizens. The purpose of these experiential learning trips is to empower and enable participants to be more independent minded, gain rich cultural diversity, cultivate a better understanding of self-outside their familiar environment, resolve conflict, and become a more dynamic individual.

How they will benefit

> Becomes an effective life-long learner

>Enhances curiosity and dynamism in the learner

> Collaborates with others easily

> Explores significant cultural and global perspectives

> Becomes more in tune with value systems defined

School Prefect Training

Every year Prefects are elected to lead various offices in a school without often times understanding what is required of them to excel in these roles. This program seeks to develop the prefect’s leadership potential and developing transferable skills that will serve them well as prefects in the school and beyond. They will learn to position themselves responsibly where they will lead, learn to be led and to serve and to leave a legacy.

How they will benefit

> Understanding leadership

>Learning to develop leadership capabilities

>Learning to lead their teams through effective team building and management

>Learning to manage projects

Work Ready

Most employers spend more resources to equip graduates with employable skills while on the job. This program seeks to provide early understanding of work and to cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship in young people by providing them with continuous work skills in different environments, grooming them with practical skills and honing their interests in their selected fields of endeavour.

How they will benefit

> Acquire new work ethic and vocabulary

>Learn to take initiative and think through options thoroughly

>Acquire critical judgment skills

Goal Setting and Purpose Discovery for Young People

The purpose of this programme is to empower the young people with tools to live effective and fulfilled lifestyles. This program provides clarity of thought and route to achieving their dreams.

How they will benefit

> Crafted Personal Vision Statements

>Crafted Personal Mission Statements

>Crafted Personal Values

>Developed 10-year life plans

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